Foreigners law firm

Procedures relating to the rights of foreigners require knowledge and a high responsiveness due to the brevity of the appeal deadlines. More and more, Europe is closing its borders, and France has been establishing more restrictive and complicated regulations for foreigners over the years.


Foreigners law at once ties into criminal, civil, administrative Community, commercial, and labour law. Our firm has the expertise to intervene in complex and urgent situations in order to defend the rights of foreigners before the :

  • Administrative Tribunal ;
  • Administrative Court of Appeal ;
  • National Court of Asylum (CNDA) and the Appeals Board ;
  • Liberty and Custody Judge.

For many years, we’ve handled files relating to :

  • the regularization of undocumented immigrants ;
  • the right to work ;
  • naturalization and acquisition of French nationality ;
  • appeals against measures carrying the obligation to leave French territory ;
  • appeals against refusal of residence and deportation ;
  • family reunification ;
  • obtaining the Certificate of French Nationality (CNF) ;
  • appeals against refusal to issue ;
  • changes in status ;
  • the defense of foreigners placed in administrative detention (CRA).
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