Commercial contract lawyers


The Amado firm looks after everything concerning the drafting of contracts and disputes before the courts. Some types of contracts that we handle include :

  • Sales contracts ;
  • Distribution contracts, particularly franchise agreements, commercial agency agreements, commission contracts, consignment contracts, etc. ;
  • IT contracts ;
  • Insurance contracts ;
  • Confidentiality contracts or clauses (non-disclosure agreements) ;
  • General terms of sale (GTS) and of purchase (GTP) ;
  • GTS for merchant websites (e-commerce) ;
  • Partnership agreements ;
  • Preference pacts ;
  • Guarantee documents.

Commercial contracts make up the very essence of commercial law. Their drafting and interpretation can become particularly complex on a national or even international level. Our Firm, which specializes in commercial and civil contract law, assists its clients in this field and :

  • Handles the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts, in French or in English ;
  • Analyzes the contracts from the point of view of national and international law ;
  • Assists and represents its clients before the Courts.

We also advise our clients in choosing forms of distribution and/or sales and assist them in drafting commercial documents such as :

  • Sales contracts between professionals or for the benefit of individuals ;
  • General terms of purchase and general terms of sale, possibly within the context of merchant websites ;
  • Distribution contracts, particularly franchise agreements, commercial agency agreements, commission contracts, consignment contracts, etc. ;
  • Commercial leases ;
  • Acquisition or transfer contracts regarding business assets ;
  • Acquisition or transfer contracts relating to corporate securities ;
  • And any other commercial document.

We prepare commercial documents governing the forms of distribution in close collaboration with the executives or their legal department. We make sure, during drafting, to respect the principle of the balanced and transparent functioning of the markets and of the economic protection of consumers, and in particular the rules relating to :

  • Antitrust agreements and violations ;
  • Discriminatory or abusive practices ;
  • Special regulations to protect consumers.

We make sure to respect the special rules regarding consumer rights. Contracts regarding the sale of products or services to consumers are subject to stricter rules than transactions between professionals. We therefore take care to respect the specific mandatory requirements when developing commercial documents governing sales to consumers, in particular the rules concerning :

  • The form of the offer and the compulsory statements to be included ;
  • Provisions relating to capacity and to the withdrawal period of the offer ;
  • Solicitation conditions ;
  • Sales over the internet ;
  • Credit offers.
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