Labour law firm and employment lawyers

Labour law is complex and requires constant legal monitoring to track the evolution of the texts as well as the jurisprudence.

By collaborating with Human Resources Directors, our firm looks after all sorts of missions related to labour law, from hiring to disputes resulting from a dismissal :


On the level of individual relations :

  • Assistance in choosing and drafting employment contracts (CDI, CDD, CTT, CDII, etc.), taking into account specific clauses (trial period, remuneration, objectives, and mobility, exclusivity, and non-compete clauses, etc.) ;
  • Changes in contract or working conditions ;
  • Terminating the trial period ;
  • Implementing and drafting documents relating to conventional termination ;
  • Implementation of personal or collective termination procedures (PSE), preparation of the required legal documents ;
  • Assistance in drafting notifications of termination ;
  • Drafting settlement agreements ;
  • Preparing and analyzing assessment interviews ;
  • Implementing disciplinary measures ;
  • Employee transfer in cases of change of employer ;
  • Managing protected employees, including vis-à-vis the Labour Inspectorate ;
  • Assistance with work incapacities ;
  • Social studies and audits, possibly in collaboration with the accounting experts.

On the level of collective relations :

  • Implementing elections for Employee Representative Institutions (Staff Representatives, union representatives, members of the Works Council and the Health, Safety, and Working Conditions Committee) ;
  • Relations with the Labour Inspectorate and Occupational Health ;
  • Incentive and profit-sharing agreements ;
  • Assistance with implementing the PDV and the Job-Saving Plan ;
  • Links with providers in charge of re-employment programs, including outplacement.

Disputes :

  • Assistance and/or representation before the competent courts (industrial tribunals [Conseils de Prud’hommes], lower courts, higher courts, courts of appeal, administrative courts, and criminal courts).

Several lawyers from our firm teach courses in labour law at universities in France and abroad, as well as at recognized Business Schools.

One of the lawyers from our Firm has worked for a long time as an industrial tribunal councillor (Conseiller prud’homal) for the Paris Industrial Tribunal (Conseil de Prud’hommes de Paris), and our Firm holds professional training seminars in business.

In addition, our Firm is a certified professional training organization.

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