Business lawyers

The sale of a business or company can’t be likened to the simple common selling of a good or service. Indeed, it involves respecting a certain number of procedures and legal provisions in order to ensure the successful completion of the operation. To secure these very important transactions, the intervention of a business lawyer specializing in the sale/acquisition of business assets is essential. In particular, they will carry out the legal and social audit prior to any sale or acquisition.


Within the context of concluding the transaction, we assist you in the negotiation and ensure the drafting of the following acts :

  • Purchase offer of business assets or corporate securities ;
  • Sale agreement of business assets ;
  • Reiterative bill of sale of business assets ;
  • Commitment to sell corporate shares or stock ;
  • Deed of transfer of corporate shares or stock ;
  • Asset and liability guarantee ;
  • Confidentiality contracts or clauses (non-disclosure agreements) ;
  • Specialized transfers of business assets, in particular those concerning activities related to hotels or restaurants, medical laboratories, pharmacies, etc.

In case of disputes, our specialized lawyers represent you in actions relating to the asset and liability guarantee when you are the defendant. In cases where you are the plaintiff, we represent you in actions for enforcement or compensation. 

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