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Our Law Firm places the highest importance on the confidentiality of your personal information. This privacy statement explains what personal information is collected by our Law Firm through our interactions with you and through our products, and how we use this information.

1. Protection of Personal Information


Within the context of providing its services, our Law Firm (whether it is the lawyers or their associates [employees or not]) may collect personal information relating either to the Client, their agents, and/or any person whose Client would send them the information within the context of the services ordered by the Client and their consequences. It should be noted that, as a patron of services, the Client is responsible for the processing carried out by the Attorney on their behalf, the latter acting as a “subcontractor” within the meaning of European Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and any national legislation.

The personal information that we collect :

Our Law Firm collects information in order to optimize our services and to offer you the best possible experience. You provide some of this information directly, such as when you give it to one of the members of our Law Firm or when you subscribe to our Newsletter or sign up for an event organized by our Law Firm.

You choose which information we collect. When you are invited to provide personal information, you may refuse. But if you choose not to provide the information required by our Firm to provide its services, this refusal cannot be blamed on it, just as it cannot be blamed for service imperfectly rendered due to this fact alone.


The information that we collect varies according to the context of your interactions with our Law Firm and the services that you request. The information that we collect may include the following elements : 

  • Name and contact information : We collect your first, middle, and last name(s), your common name(s), your email address, your mailing address(es), your telephone and fax number(s), and other similar contact information.
  • Demographic information : Within the context of the cases that we handle, we may collect information about you, such as your age, gender, country, and preferred language.
  • Payment information : Within the context of billing for our services, we may collect information required to process your payment (for example, a bank account number).

We also collect the information that you provide to us and the content of the messages that you send to us or post on our website, such as any comments or product evaluations that you may write, or items and information that you provide to the members of our Law Firm, primarily within the context of handling your cases.

2. Obligations of the Attorney


Consequently, the Law Firm undertakes to collect and process the aforementioned personal information in compliance with these regulations and, for this purpose, to : 

  • only collect and process personal information in accordance with the express instructions of the Client and for purposes related to the subject of the entrusted mandate/mission;
  • protect the security, integrity, and confidentiality of the personal information once it has been collected or recorded within the context of carrying out the entrusted mandate/ mission;
  • not communicate personal information to any third party whatsoever, apart from third parties to whom it is strictly necessary to transmit personal information within the context of the entrusted mandate/mission;
  • not transfer any personal information outside the territory of the European Union, except to third-party countries with an adequate level of protection within the meaning of the supervisory authorities or to a subcontractor authorized by the Client and signatory of the standard contractual clauses enacted by the European authorities;
  • implement any data security system that may be required either due to an impact assessment conducted by the Client as the person responsible for the processing or due to specific legislation requiring the use of specific data retention methods;
  • immediately alert the Client in the event of a breach, loss, or unauthorized disclosure of any personal information collected within the context of the entrusted mandate/mission, in order to allow the Client to alert the affected people and to comply with their obligations under the abovementioned regulations.

How we use personal information :

Our Law Firm uses the collected information to provide its services and to expand its client base. In particular, we use it to improve our services and to personalize your experience. We may also use this information to communicate with you – for example, to send you mail, email, invoices, or newsletters. We use this information to provide and improve the services that we offer and to conduct business operations – primarily to send one-time legal information and monthly newsletters. We use the information that we collect to communicate with you and to personalize the communications that we send you. For example, we may contact you by telephone, email, or other means.


Reasons why we may share your personal information:

We may share your personal information with service providers who work for our Firm, in particular to ensure the internal (servers) and external (providers of cloud-based solutions such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) backup of the files, data, and information that our clients entrust to us or that we prepare on their behalf, to use and ensure the security of our files, in particular to prevent or stop an attack on our computer systems or networks, or when this is required by law or to respond to legal proceedings.

We also share email addresses with external service providers in order to send our Newsletter and general information documents.

The members of the Law Firm shall refrain in all cases from reproducing, exploiting, or using the personal information collected during the mandate or mission entrusted to the Law Firm for their own purposes or on behalf of third parties outside the missions entrusted to the Law Firm by the Client or the sending of one-time information and/or newsletters, and they agree to modify or delete, either at the request of the Client or a person concerned, and in any event upon the completion of the objective pursued and at the end of the execution of the entrusted mandate/ mission, any personal information collected during or for the purposes of carrying out the entrusted mandate or mission.


Retention period :

Our Law Firm retains the personal information of its clients for the entire duration of the execution of the mandates and missions entrusted to it by them, a duration to which is added any legal archive retention period and any legal time limit (as the case may be: civil, commercial, criminal, administrative).


How to access and control your personal information :

You can ask to view, modify, or delete your personal information by contacting one of the members of our Law Firm by any method (email, mail, fax, telephone). You can also make choices regarding the collection and use of your information by our Law Firm.
You can also choose whether or not to receive emails, text messages, phone calls, and regular mail from our Law Firm. You can also decline to receive our Newsletter by unsubscribing on our website or by sending an email to with the subject “Unsubscribe from Newsletter” or any equivalent message.

3. Obligations of the Client


It should be noted that it is the Client’s responsibility, as the person in charge of the processing of their own data, to collect any necessary consent from the natural persons in question whose information may be transmitted to one of the members of the Law Firm, including their agents, in relation to the objectives pursued. Furthermore, the people in question have rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, portability, and opposition regarding the personal information concerning them, and they may revoke their consent to processing at any time.

The people in question can assert their rights directly with the Attorney, who agrees to comply with their request within the statutory time limits and to inform the Client of this.

4. Subcontractors of the Law Firm


Finally, the Client consents to the Law Firm relying on service providers acting as subcontractors : 

  • with regard to the storage of data (such as Word, Excel, PDF, and PPT files, business cards on Outlook and Gmail, etc.), which is carried out on the Law Firm’s internal server but also, as a security backup, on one or more external servers and possibly in a Cloud (such as Dropbox or OneDrive) that may be hosted outside the European Union. The Law Firm’s current service provider is: B4BLUE – 27 Rue Marius Jacotot, 92800 Puteaux – France– RCS Nanterre 792 628 406. The data is stored on its servers located in France.
  • with regard to the storage of email addresses and the sending of newsletters. The Law Firm’s current service provider is: B4Blue – 27 Rue Marius Jacotot, 92800 Puteaux – France. The data is stored on its servers located in France.

5. Cookies and Similar Technologies


Our Law Firm may use cookies (small text files placed on your device) and similar technologies to provide you with our websites and online services and to collect data. Among other things, cookies let you log in and allow us to remember your preferences and settings, offer you advertising based on your interests, combat fraud, and analyze the performance of our websites and online services.

We may also use web beacons to help us place cookies and to collect usage and performance data. Our websites may include web beacons and cookies from third-party service providers.

You have a variety of tools at your disposal to control cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies, including browser controls to block and erase cookies, as well as controls from certain third-party analytics service providers to opt you out of the collection of data by web beacons and similar technologies.

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