Corporate lawyers

Corporate law, which combines business law and commercial law, is made up of all the rules of law that govern a company, its operation, its activities, and its relations with third parties.

For several years, our firm has made corporate law one of its specialties, and in particular assists its clients with :


Choosing the legal form suited to their business, their structure, and the changes that they are considering for their civil or commercial enterpris e:

  • Public limited company/PLC (Société Anonyme [S.A.]), limited liability company/LLC (Société à Responsabilité Limitée [S.A.R.L.]), single-owner limited liability company (Entreprise Unipersonnelle à Responsabilité Limitée [E.U.R.L.]), simplified joint-stock company (Société par actions simplifiée [S.A.S.]), general partnership (Société en Nom Collectif [S.N.C.]), or sole proprietorship/self-employment
  • Civil society (ex: S.C.I.),
  • Association governed by the French law of 1901 ,
  • And any other appropriate legal form.
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the legal monitoring of companies, including the drafting of all documents required by law within the context of changes to the legal person and to the closing of the annual accounts, and moderating boards and meetings :

  • Developing and drafting the Board Reports,
  • Developing and drafting the Management Reports,
  • Convening the partners and holding Board Meetings,
  • Convening the partners and holding General Meetings,
  • Assistance in holding General Meetings,
  • Drafting the Minutes of the Meetings.

the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases,


the negotiation and drafting of the necessary documents within the context of :

  • Sales and acquisitions of business assets,
  • Sales of stock or corporate shares,
  • Mergers and divisions,
  • Equity investments,
  • Assembling groups of companies in France and abroad, particularly holding companies and subsidiaries,
  • Universal Transfers of Assets.

In close collaboration with accountants and auditors, our firm advises them in their tax and corporate choices.

When appropriate, we prepare and ensure the monitoring of civil and commercial proceedings to enforce the terms of contracts or dealing with their termination.

Finally, though our specialized colleagues, we also assist our clients in corporate dissolution proceedings and requests to open insolvency or legal liquidation proceedings, including the Declaration of Cession of Payments.

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