Intellectual property lawyers

Intellectual property consists of two branches: industrial property on the one hand, and literary and artistic property on the other. Our firm, through its ties with specialized lawyers, assists and represents its clients in order to obtain, maintain, exploit, and defend their intellectual rights.


We have developed a partnership with a law firm specializing in trademarks and patents, and we can help you protect your original creations and assist you in registering :

  • A trademark ;
  • A logo ;
  • A trade name ;
  • A symbol or a device ;
  • A slogan;
  • A packaging design;
  • A combination of these elements to help identify and distinguish a specific product from others on the market ;
  • in certain circumstances, a sound, a combination of colours, or even a hologram.

The term “trademark” is often used interchangeably to identify a brand or a service.

“CTM” is the abbreviation for “Community Trade Mark.” A CTM offers trademark protection across the 28 current member countries of the European Union.

When it comes to literary and artistic property, which encompasses both copyright and the rights related to it, the advice of a lawyer specializing in intellectual property law allows the author of a literary or artistic work to get informed about the best way to protect their creation and the length of the rights. Our firm — either directly or through our specialized colleagues — carries out the protection formalities, but also helps organize copyright transfers from employees or freelancers to the companies exploiting the works.

Downstream, we also assist and represent our clients in the context of pre-litigation and litigation proceedings relating to unfair competition, commercial parasitism, and defamation.

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